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Utilizing the FLIR Duo Pro R on the DJI M600pro

Integrating the FLIR DUOproR was made easy with the help of a Gremsy T1 Gimbal

We now have another option for a dual camera setup on a DJI drone. With the release of the Duo Pro R from FLIR , pilots can now fly and control a thermal and a HD sensor. Pairing the DUOpro with a Gremsy T1 Gimbal makes this possible. The system offers integration cables back into the A3pro flight controller for PWM control. This makes for an easy to use build, allowing pilots to utilize a DJI expansion kit on their M600 controller for simple operations. 

Until now, the only option for a dual camera setup was to fly the Matrice 210 series, or a custom build platform, which could often become messy and not be the best solution. Below you can review our first build of this setup. We used some weights on the top rail to help with the DUO's light weight and lack of a top mount thread. All things considered this is a clean way of utilizing a thermal / HD sensor. Reach out to us and click below to learn more. 

Quadrocopter has a team of experienced pilots and UAV enthusiasts on staff. We are happy to talk about any ideas you may have and determine the best UAV platform for you. Reach out to us today to learn more. 

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