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Hands on time with the DJI Wind 2

Recently DJI introduced the Wind series of air frames. This series consist of 4 different platforms. The Wind 1,2,4, and 8. Today we will introduce you to the Wind 2 and talk about our experience at Quadrocopter flying it in the field.

The Wind 2 utilizes DJI 6010/130KV motors, with 21" propellers mounted. With the battery installed you have a max payload weight of 2.2KG. This unit takes a 12,000mAh battery pack, with a max hover time of 40 minutes. You will have all of the same functionality as other DJI batteries, such as viewing temperatures and setting low and critical battery warnings. 
The Wind 2 has a IP56 rating, which translates to a "dust and heavy water protection". This gives the pilot a peace of mind knowing if a rain or snow storm blows in, they will be able to safely get the aircraft back to its home point. 
As far as payloads go, you have several choices. Whether you need a thermal, zoom, or HD camera, or perhaps a custom payload, this UAV can handle it. You can also outfit a supply box for dropping a payload, or there is an available megaphone option. With its mobile or on-board SDK developer tool customization becomes possible. Firmware is easily updated and flight data is accessible with DJI assistant 2.
The landing gear is adjustable to accommodate a larger payload, with no tools required. You have about 9" of clearance from the ground to the aircraft. The booms can collapse down for easy storage simply by spinning the locking mechanism. This system uses the DJI A3 flight controller, with dual IMU's for a stable and reliable flight. The DJI GO app is the software used to fly, however you can also plan autonomous flight missions through DJI Ground Station Pro. The transmitter used is a common DJI controller, with HDMI and SDI outputs.

Out in the field , the Wind 2 fits right in. It performed perfectly in cold temperatures with the wind blowing. It is a very stable platform, which will prove useful while flying inspection or mapping missions. The design of the booms, matched with the 21" propellers and a solid GPS lock, allows a consistent hover. It has all of the same features you are used to and expect from DJI, such as return to home, intelligent battery warnings, and safety modes. 

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