As the Propeller Spins

Canada Wants to Train Everyone to Use Drones in Their Everyday Jobs

Posted by Adele Scholl on 5/26/2015

AirMap Is A Sky Atlas For Drone Users

Posted by Adele Scholl on 5/21/2015
Bought a drone, and want to fly it legally, but have no idea where to do that? A new map created by drone hobbyists and enthusiasts aims to be an atlas, laying out the legal landscape for piloting unmanned vehicles. Called simply AirMap, the project is a collaboration between Ben Marcus, who created the NoFlyZone registry for people who don't want drones buzzing around their houses, and Gregory McNeal, a professor of law and public policy at Pepperdine. Available now in beta form, the AirMap takes user input and regulation changes into account, creating a durable map of which sections of sky are currently safe and legal for drones to fly in.

Motorcycle-racing fans get rare drone's eye view

Posted by Adele Scholl on 5/12/2015
Motorcycle racing fans attending Friday’s EnduroCross race at Orleans Arena saw camera angles of a sporting event they’ve never seen before on their smartphones thanks to a Las Vegas-based company that produced images from a camera mounted on a drone that flew above the action.

PrecisionHawk Signs UAV Research Agreement with FAA to Address Extended Visual Line of Sight

Posted by Adele Scholl on 5/7/2015
PrecisionHawk will work with the FAA to develop aircraft standards and operational procedures for extended line-of-sight to identify a pathway for safe integration of drones into the National Airspace System

How drones are facilitating relief efforts in Nepal

Posted by Adele Scholl on 5/1/2015
One of the biggest challenges in getting disaster aid to places like Nepal has always been how reach areas that have been cut off by destroyed roads or rubble. But now aid workers have a new tool to help: drones.
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