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Inspecting Solar Panels with Thermal Drones

Posted by Quadrocopter on 7/30/2019

Check out another great video direct from FLIR. This episode of FLIR DELTA will take you through the things you need to consider, and provide sample imagery to help your solar inspection operations.

How to start a drone program

Posted by Adele Scholl on 7/2/2019
How to start a drone program
Why is it important to establish a drone program in your company, instead of simply adding drones to the list of tools your company uses?

Simply put, it is important to follow all of the steps to setup your drone program legally and safely.  Drones can save lives, money and become an added benefit to your everyday workflow.  The first step will be to figure out exactly what you want the drone to do.  Mapping, marketing, roof inspection, these are just a few things that a drone can accomplish.  Once you have your purpose, then it is important to put your safety program into place.  

The first step to your safety program, is studying and taking your 107 exam.  Which will allow you to legally fly for compensation by the FAA and teach you the regulations of where you can fly your drone.

DJI Government Edition

Posted by Quadrocopter on 6/25/2019

DJI introduces a secure and reliable solution for government agencies who want to advance their drone program. 

DJI Enterprise Shield

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 6/4/2019

Freefly introduces the ALTA Pro

Posted by Adele Scholl on 5/20/2019
Freefly introduces the ALTA Pro
Why we love Freefly Sytems, the company and their products.  Simply stated Freefly Systems products are produced in the USA, and are rock solid in the field.  We have been flying UAS since early 2000 and have flown everything we can get our hands on.   So when FFS told us they were going to produce a system with way-point flying, we were excited to go for a flight.

DJI Matrice 200 series Version 2

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 2/22/2019

DJI Improves Enterprise Drones And Fleet Management Software To Enable Next Level Commercial Drone Operations

DJI Phantom 4 RTK Information

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 1/15/2019

Check out this post with some helpful information on the Phantom4RTK

Quadrocopter Solutions Website Launch

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 12/14/2018
Welcome to Quadrocopter Solutions

"Drones cut down over 80% of inspection time"

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 9/11/2018


Well it is no surprise to see drones finding their place in many different industries. However time and time again it seems that drones & construction go together like peanut butter and jelly. At Quadrocopter, we have developed many industry proven solutions, including our software, eSpective. We know what it takes to set you up for success and create a more manageable workflow for your projects. 

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