Flight Training

Flight Training

Let us share our knowledge and real world experience with you.

The Quadrocopter team offers flight training courses to help ensure that you are comfortable and confident with your multi-rotor platform. The ALTA familiarization training is a concentrated, hands-on two-day course focusing on the new business norm for elite aerial cinematographers. We will take an in-depth look at all the unique features of the ALTA and how they correlate to real world environments. With thousands of flights on the ALTA/Synapse flight controller, we will pass along tips to help you get your ALTA up in the air, and back down in a safe and efficient manner.

Cinematography from the Air

In our training, you are our main focus. We will spend time on answering questions that are a challenge to the industry. From emergency procedures and dealing with weather, or any specific areas you want to focus on, we can do just that. With over 71 combined years of fixed wing & multi-rotor experience, our Part 107 certified pilots have flown in, the Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Botswana, Canada, Grand Cayman Islands, Hungary, Mexico, United Kingdom, throughout the United States, and many more location around the globe. 

Learn what it takes to safely operate a DJI aircraft and keep up with all the necessary updates.

In the DJI training course we will go over everything the pilot needs to fly proficiently and safely. This can be a 1 or 2 day class depending on your needs.  Like most of our training classes, we will tailor this to your needs. Whether you want to have more hands on time than class time, or perhaps you want to learn how to fly autonomous missions, what would you hope to take away from a training ?

 Reach out to us anytime, if you want to talk more about our DJI Familiarization Training

We have ASPRS certified mapping scientist on staff to help teach you.

Learning how to fly a drone and operate it safely is top priority for new pilot's, although there is still a lot of learning to be done to maximize your drones potential. For commercial operators the real struggle comes when it is time to collect and deal with the data. Maybe you are looking to track progress or assets at a construction site, monitor crop health, create 2D or 3D models of a project, a more in depth class may be right for you. There is plenty to learn about post-processing images, keeping high levels of accuracy, and learning how to deal with the massive amounts content you will collect.

Possible Training Locations 

Columbia Falls Montana, Pasadena California, Las Vegas Nevada or a custom location.
Tell us more, fill in your information HERE or call us @ 406-897-1027 to find out which training best fits your needs.

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