As the Propeller Spins

How DroneDeploy's app is about to make farming more efficient

Posted by Adele Scholl on 3/31/2015
DroneDeploy, a start-up poised to make farms and other businesses significantly more efficient, launched its mobile app Tuesday and announced it will be compatible with one of the world’s most popular drones.

Drones Will Look For Stray Dogs In Houston

Posted by Adele Scholl on 3/26/2015
Drones, as low-cost flying machines, make great rescue tools. They can look and go places people can’t--or at least can’t go safely--and with infrared cameras, they can sometimes see beyond what human eyes can. In Houston, the World Animal Awareness Society plans to use them to track stray dogs, combining a drone's utility as a mapping device with its rescue abilities.

FAA Streamlines UAS COAs for Section 333

Posted by Adele Scholl on 3/24/2015
The Federal Aviation Administration has established an interim policy to speed up airspace authorizations for certain commercial unmanned aircraft (UAS) operators who obtain Section 333 exemptions. The new policy helps bridge the gap between the past process, which evaluated every UAS operation individually, and future operations after we publish a final version of the proposed small UAS rule.

senseFly urges support of FAA’s proposed ‘micro UAS’ class

Posted by Adele Scholl on 3/21/2015
senseFly congratulates FAA on its pragmatic approach to drone regulation and requests public comment to make micro UAS class a reality

Amazon's FAA Certificate To Test Drones Comes With Plenty Of Strings Attached

Posted by Adele Scholl on 3/20/2015
On a day when announced that it would be expanding one-hour delivery for certain items into more U.S. metropolitan areas, the company received better news regarding a logistics program that has been viewed by many as a pipe dream.

Lifeguard Drone Ready For Mass Production

Posted by Adele Scholl on 3/17/2015
In the not too distant future, swimmers in distress may look up to the sky for help and find, not a lifeguard, but a drone, delivering a life preserver in their moment of need. Designed by Amin Rigi and RTS Labs in Iran, the Pars drone is a robotic lifesaver. First demonstrated in 2013, Rigi is launching an RTS Labs offshoot, RTS London, to mass produce the drones.

FAA Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Posted by Adele Scholl on 3/13/2015
On February 23, the Federal Aviation Administration published in the Federal Register its long-awaited Notice of Proposed Rulemaking ("NPRM") concerning proposed regulations for small unmanned aircraft systems ("sUASs") weighing under 55 pounds. The NPRM culminates over six years of agency work, and follows two years of legal challenges, advocacy and vigorous public debate concerning the current and future regulatory framework for civilian drones.
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