As the Propeller Spins

DJI Announces Industrial Airframe the Matrice 200

Posted by Adele Scholl on 2/27/2017

DJI Matrice 200 Series

Built to Endure. Engineered to Adapt.

Built to Endure

High-performance motors paired with 17-inch propellers ensure stable flight in strong winds.
The new dual-battery power system automatically heats batteries when flying in sub-zero temperatures,
while an enclosed design ensures weather and water resistance, so you can fly in a wide range of environments.

The Intel drones behind Lady Gaga's halftime show

Posted by Adi Joseph, USA Today , KGW on 2/7/2017
The Intel drones behind Lady Gaga's halftime show
Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show had no special guests — unless you count the drones.

Intel Drones supplied Lady Gaga and the NFL with a show-stopping show-starter — 300 Shooting Star drones painting the night sky in a pre-recorded segment in Houston, as she sang “God Bless America.” The closing scene with the Pepsi logo also was those same pre-recorded drones.

For The Win spoke to two of Intel Drones’ top people — general manager Natalie Cheung, who was on the ground in Houston running things, and vice president of business Anil Nanduri, who organized the collaboration — about the show and the future of drones in entertainment.

Let Cheung and Nanduri answer all your questions now that you’ve seen their work in action.

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