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What Are Quadrocopter Customers Saying About Us?

You guys remain my favorites in the field for being so damn efficient, responsive, and professional. Really appreciate it as I know when I order something you will get it right out and do it right.
- Mark Johnson, California

I bought the RTF training package from Karsten. He was very helpful and friendly spending two hours answering all of our questions in person. I will recommend him to anyone. First of all I have never owned any RC product before. I've never drove or flown anything so I'm brand new to all of this. Overall I was very impressed with the package and the price seemed more than fair for what I received. I love how tough the Blade multi-rotor heli is and considering that in comparison to flying a traditional helicopter style unit, (I tried to fly the one on the simulator) it is very easy to fly.
- Ryan R., Washington

I just wanted to thank you for the great service I received from you guys before I forget again. Believe it or not, I meant to send you this thank you note a couple of weeks ago to let you know how much you stand above the crowd when it comes to customer service. Rest assured that from now on anytime I need something multi-rotor related I'll check with you guys first.
- Zoltan H., Canada

I contacted Quadrocopter asking for help on a RTF Hexakopter. I asked if I can have custom configuration and I received very professional advice. I am not easy to change my mind once I get focused on some gizmo to be installed on board of RC machine, but Flori with his extensive knowledge of the RC market convinced me to change some of the options. I installed batteries, read about basic initial steps and started the motors. All checked OK. I put heavy metal bar across the landing gears and put the throttle slowly half way up, checking response to the joysticks. All was like expected. Removed the metal bar, restarted the motors and did couple of small jumps few inches above the ground. Next, I went up to hover 2' above the ground. I experienced hands off hover. Incredible!

Flori and Adam did great job introducing me to this new technology. I can recommend his business to anyone that wants to get involved in this new era of RC flying machines.

- Andrew M., Canada

I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for taking the time out of your Saturday to meet with my brother and I, offering us a memorable introduction to the incredible system you've assembled for us. We have great admiration and respect for you, not only for the incredible craftsmanship and care that clearly went into building our hexacopter, but as innovators. You are truly pioneers in a technology that has yet to reveal its possibilities. It is inspiring for my brother and I to see what you have accomplished in a relatively short period of time through your drive, dedication and passion. We hope to follow in your footsteps as we nervously, yet ambitiously embark on our journey as a new business in a highly technical, yet creative field. We sincerely look forward to a continued relationship in the coming weeks, months and (hopefully) years, not only as colleagues but as fellow visionaries, motivated by the possibilities of science, technology and creativity.
- Aaron K., California

Can't wait to get this machine in the air! Thanks for answering the phone every time I called with questions. This is the support we need.
- Nicholas D., Michigan

I just got the shipment, thank you so much! Although I haven't opened it yet, you guys are very quick and professional. In just 2 days it arrived to my door from west to east coast, impressive!
- Victor P., South Carolina