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Protection Plan For The DJI Enterprise Line

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 8/2/2018
Protection Plan For The DJI Enterprise Line

We have all been waiting for a protection plan for the enterprise line up and it is now available. It looks like DJI breaks it down into two categories, basic and plus. 

DJI Enterprise Shield

Enterprise Shield Basic

Enterprise Shield Basic covers two product replacements for damaged DJI drones and payloads (with the exception of XT and XT2) covered by the plan within the one-year coverage period, at a small corresponding fixed fee. Free two-way ground shipping is used when sending products in for replacement. Replacement products issued under Enterprise Shield Basic meet new product performance and reliability standards. 

Enterprise Shield Plus

Enterprise Shield Plus covers unlimited repair services and product replacements to damaged drones and payloads within the coverage amount selected by the customer. Free two-way overnight shipping is used to send operators a new product in exchange for their damaged product. The plan also covers free repair services for DJI’s Zenmuse XT and Zenmuse XT2 thermal camera payloads. DJI will provide operators with the option to use a replacement device on loan for these payloads while their original product is under repair. Enterprise Shield Plus also provides the option to share coverage across multiple DJI products, helping commercial drone operators protect an entire fleet using one plan.

Enterprise Shield Plan Comparison



Enterprise Shield Basic

Enterprise Shield Plus

Product Repair Service



Product Replacement Service



Product Replacement Fee

Small fixed fee depending on product


Shipping Speed

Free Two-day Ground

Free Overnight

XT & XT2 Repair Service



Shared Fleet Coverage




Enterprise Shield is available today for DJI customers in the United States, Canada, and Mainland China. Enterprise Shield only provides services in the country or region where it is purchased. 

There is a large range of pricing and options depending on your equipment. Reach out to the team at Quadrocopter to learn more. 

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