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Freefly introduces the ALTA Pro

Our heavy lift system of choice has always been Freefly Systems Alta 8.  The standard in heavy lift drone in the cinematography world, let's look at some of the changes to the Alta 8 Pro.

Alta Pro Key Features...

  • Qgroundcontol mission planner with included long range 900mhz telemetry radio
  • Advanced, high-bandwidth position hold offering unprecedented precision, repeat-ability, and stability
  • PX4-based mission autopilot
  • Integrates with wide variety of drone software via Mavlink protocol
  • Flexible ground control module compatible with Mac, PC, Android, iOS
  • Open source communications protocol (Mavlink) with existing community support
  • With the Full power of PX4 flight controller architecture, ALTA has all the features of a modern drone: way-points, autonomy, telemetry/C2, auto-land, etc.

Alta 8 Features that remain the same....

  • USA Made, Assembled and Tested
  • Portability, Alta goes from case to setup in 5 minutes
  • Air frame is made from ALL carbon fiber, making it one of the toughest drones in the industry
  • Local support, if you should need support you will talk to QC anytime
  • Toad and the hole adaptability, allow you to change payloads quickly in the field
  • Flight modes, manual, height mode, position mode, return-to-land (RTH)
  • Redundancy, motors, barometers, RX's, IMU's, Magnetometers, Avionics

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