GentWIRE RedPRO 102
GentWIRE RedPRO 102

GentWIRE RedPRO 102

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For full control over many camera functions Using up to three channels of your RC system the unit can be configured to control:
  • Record start and stop
  • Iris, focus, and shutter angle
  • Also available, exposure adjustment
  • Main camera features can be set for absolute or relative control
  • Remotely press/unpress 4 user programmable user keys
  • Control via up to 3 standard PWM servos or digital SBUS interface
  • Auxiliary output of camera status can be relayed back to the operator

  • The unit is field configurable to change SBUS channel assignment or feature configuration using the camera keyboard and display. Once changed, the new settings are stored in memory.


    RedPRO Manual

    Compatible Cameras:
    • RED Epic-M, Epic-X
    • RED Scarlet, Scarlet-X, Scarlet-W
    • RED Weapon
    5 Stars
    Chris at QC was so patient and helpful in getting things configured correctly. If you have not poked at your electronics configurations there are a few steps not included in the tutorial. I was SO excited to finally be able to start stop remotely. Doing so cuts our media use in half. NEAT! I thought the extra features (ISO and aperture adjustment) were just window dressing, but am loving them as well. Triggering a Red Raven that has only a Sidekick. I hit a glitch as the ISO adjustment was activating false color. The manual that comes with the wire is in a large part Greek. BUT..hidden in there you see that the gentwire seems to think it's talking to a REDMote. So you can use RED's KeyMapper app to reconfigure the imaginary buttons on the imaginary REDMote and it works like a champ. No one said it would be easy....
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    Reviewed by:  from Dallas. on 11/20/2016

    GentWIRE RedPRO 102


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