gentWIRE-lancPLUS (173)
gentWIRE-lancPLUS (173)

gentWIRE-lancPLUS (173)

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  • For cameras with interchangable lenses there is often no zoom control so REC, STANDBY and PHOTO move to Ch 1 as primary control, and with the latching action. Note: The PHOTO command is not supported on Blackmagic cameras.

  • Optional Ch. 2 gives 3 speed control over focus. Focus can be toggled between automatic and manual, then adjusted from near to far. For Blackmagic cameras there is a "set-focus" command.

  • Optional Ch. 3, for Blackmagic cameras, gives 3 speed control over iris, as well as the "set-iris" command.

  • The AUX socket allows visual or audio indication of unit status.

  • Sleeping Sony cameras can be woken remotely.

  • Blackmagic cameras in PLAY mode will change to REC.

  • The product comes with a 20cm camera cable, and three 15cm servo leads, weighing 9 grams, plus 2 grams per 15cm servo lead used.

  • LancPLUS Manual

    Compatible Cameras:
    • Sony NEX-FS700
    • Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF
    • Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT
    • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
    • Blackmagic Production Camera 4K
    • Blackmagic Studio Camera, URSA

    gentWIRE-lancPLUS (173)


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