gentLED IR Shutter Cable for Nikon
LED Shutter Cable for Nikon

gentLED IR Shutter Cable for Nikon

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gentLED-SHUTTER© for Nikon cameras is our solution to trigger digital stills cameras with IR capability. It can be triggered directly from a standard Radio Control (RC) system, or by any switch contact via the "blue wire". Comes with a 25cm (10") 3-pin standard servo lead, & weighs 4grams.

Normal operation - Movement of the RC Transmitter stick from one extreme to the other will trigger the camera.
Continuous operation - If the stick is held in the ‘on’ position photos will be taken every 5-6 secs.
Switch operation - This is an extra blue wire to the device which if shorted to black triggers the device . This allows triggering with either a RC channel, and/or any device that can short two wires together.
Repeat operation - When enabled this makes the gentled trigger the camera every 25 seconds, even if no trigger is received. This option is enabled by shorting the switch's blue wire to black at power-up.

Please note that the gentLED-SHUTTER© is not an adjustable intervalometer.

Compatible Cameras:
  • Canon 10D
  • Canon 300D, 350D/XT
  • Canon 400D/Xti, 450D/Xsi
  • Canon 500D/T1i, 550D/T2i
  • Canon 5D, 5DS, 5DSR
  • Canon 600D/T3i, 650D/T4i
  • Canon 60D, 70D, 80D
  • Canon 7, 7N, 7E, 7NE
  • Canon 700D/T5i, 100D/SL1
  • Canon 750D/T6i, 760D/T6s
  • Canon 7D, 7D MkII, 6D
  • Canon ELPH, 490Z, Z135
  • Canon EOS-M, EOS-M2, EOS-M3
  • Canon Ti, T2, K2, XT
  • Canon XC10
  • Canon Z3, 120, Z155, Z180u
  • HP HP618, HP912
  • Nikon 130ED, 140ED, 150ED
  • Nikon 8400, 8800
  • Nikon D3000
  • Nikon D4, D4S
  • Nikon D40, D40X, D50
  • Nikon D5000, D5100, D5200
  • Nikon D5300, D5500
  • Nikon D60, D70
  • Nikon D600, D610, D750
  • Nikon D7000, D7100, D7200
  • Nikon D70s, D80
  • Nikon D90, D3200, D3300
  • Nikon Lite Touch Zoom, 110s
  • Nikon N65, N75
  • Nikon N65/F65, N75/F75/U2
  • Nikon Nikon 1 J1, J2
  • Nikon Nikon 1 V1, V2, V3
  • Nikon P6000
  • Nikon P7000, P7100, 100W
  • Nikon P7700, P7800
  • Nikon Pronea S, Nuvis S
  • Nikon S60, S70
  • Nikon X, A
  • Pentax A10, A20, A30, A40
  • Pentax EI200, K-x, K-r, K-m
  • Pentax I-10, V20, 750Z
  • Pentax ist, *istD, RS1500
  • Pentax K-01, K-S2
  • Pentax K100D, K110D, K200D
  • Pentax K10D, K20D, K-30
  • Pentax K-3. K3Mk2
  • Pentax K-5, K-5II, K-5IId, K5IIs
  • Pentax K-50, K-500
  • Pentax K-7, 645D, 645Z
  • Pentax MX-1, X-5
  • Pentax MZ-6, MZ-L, ZX-L
  • Pentax Optio 330, 430RS
  • Pentax Optio 450, 550, 555
  • Pentax Optio 928M, EI-200
  • Pentax Optio S5, S6, S7, SV
  • Pentax Optio VS20
  • Pentax Q, Q7, Q10, RZ18
  • Pentax S, S1, S10, S12, S50
  • Pentax S4, S4i, S40, S45
  • Pentax T10, T20
  • Pentax W60, W80, W90
  • Pentax WG-1, WG-2, WG-3
  • Pentax WG-4, WG-10
  • Ricoh WG20, WG-30, WG-30W
  • Ricoh WG-5, WG-5-GPS
  • Samsung GX10, GX20
  • Samsung GX1L, GX1S
  • Toshiba 3300, 4300

Operating Manual »
MikroKopter Sony NEX5 and GentLED Installation Manual »

gentLED IR Shutter Cable for Nikon


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