gentWIRE-FOCUS 018C3
gentWIRE-FOCUS 018C3

gentWIRE-FOCUS 018C3

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The gentWIRE-FOCUS 018C3 allows Canon bodies with N3 shutter sockets to be controlled via a Radio Control (RC) system. From one channel on the RC receiver you have complete control over half-press and full-press of the shutter.

Connection to the RC system is via one servo lead that can be easily changed to optimise length and save weight.
The unit has 2 LED indicators built into the cable (clear section at the bottom of the image on the right) so you can check operation - for pre-flight checks, or system testing.

The unit can also be used without RC as an intervalometer.

Compatible Cameras:

Canon1D, 1DS, 1DX
Canon1V, 1V-HS, EOS-3
Canon20D, 30D, 40D, 50D
Canon5D MkII, 5DS, 5DSR
Canon5D MkIII, 5D MkIV
Canon7D, 7D MkII, 6D
CanonD30, D60

gentWIRE-FOCUS 018C3


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