eClear Temperature Verification
eClear Temperature Verification

eClear Temperature Verification

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eClear Temperature Verification


Monitor access to restricted areas using temperature readings and facial recognition thanks to eConnect's access control camera.

Thanks to its backlight management with its WDR and in conjunction with the Instant Face Recognition algorithm (500ms), you can have an accurate face reading and avoid false alarms. Detection can be done even if using a face mask. Register up to 22,400 faces in the database. The camera will issue an audible alert if a person's temperature is too high.


  • Automatic no-contact temperature reading & face recognition efficient and effective
  • Temperature range: 30-45°C ± 0.3°C accuracy
  • Detecting people without wearing mask, push alarm message
  • Can set high temperature alarm
  • Support temperature data SDK and HTTP protocol integration with third party platform
  • Support information auto log, no extra manual operation needed
  • Professional face recognition algorithm with high accuracy, recognition time <500ms
  • Support wide dynamic = 80dB, can adjust exposure on moving object to get a clear image under strong backlight environment
  • Linux operating system, reliable and stable
  • Windows/Linux SDK and HTTP protocol
  • 8 inch IPS high resolution display
  • MTBF > 50.000H
  • Support 22.400 faces database and 100.000 face recognition records
  • Support anti-fog, 3D noise reduction, BLC, stabilizer, and different white balance to fit for different application requirements
  • Support speaker (human temperature normal/high alarm, face recognition result)

eClear Temperature Verification


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