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What FAA Licenses do I need to use a DJI Agras to spray for agriculture in the US?

Agricultural drones in the US DJI AGRAS

Drones are becoming more and more useful for farming in the US.  The DJI Agras and the Mavic 3 Multispectral in combination are a powerful  way to monitor and spray your fields.  There are some regulations that the FAA requires you to do before you can fly the DJI Agras on your farm.  

DJI Agras

Drone Pilot License Remote Pilot Certificate Part 107:   In order to fly drones in the US, the FAA requires that you take a test and pass your Remote Pilot Certificate Part 107.  This certification demonstrates that you understand the regulations, operating requirements, weather and procedures for safely flying in the US airspace.  You will also be required to register your drone with the FAA and give your drone a FA number.

FAA License to Dispense Chemicals and Agricultural Products Part 137:  There‚Äôs a new streamlined process for those applying for a Part 137 UAS certificate. This allows the FAA to streamline both the Part 137 agricultural UAS certification and the drone exemption process for visual line of sight (VLOS) operations conducted within the altitude and airspeed limitations stipulated by the exemption.  Click HERE> to start the process with the FAA.