Tiger U7 Motor 420KV
U7 Power Series Motor 420KV

Tiger U7 Motor 420KV

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With multi-rotors widely used in many fields. There are more requirements for high quality power system focusing on unparalleled reliability, durability, high power and high efficiency. Further more the working environment of motor is considered. The motor must operate in extreme climate conditions, so the performance must be designed waterproof and dirt resistant. This is why U-Power was born. To meet the customer's rigorous demands we started development of U-Power in 2011. Today, with 18 months of research and development we release U for the UAV market.

  • Germany Engineered
  • Self-cooling system
  • Options for three mounting prop method
  • Single thick copper wire winding
  • Adapter for 8mm size prop
  • Waterproof, dirt resistant
  • Silicon steel


Voltage: 6S
Recommended Props: 17x5.8 or 18x6.1
Take-off Weight: Hexa at 18KG and Octo at 24KG
KV: 420
Configuration: 12N14P
Shaft Diameter: 4mm
Motor Dimension(dia. x len): F60.7×39.5mm
Weight(g): 255g
ldle current(10)@10v(A): 0.9A
No of Cells (lipo): 3-8S
Max Continuous Current(A)180S: 40A
Max Continuous Power(W)180S: 1180W
Max Efficiency Current: (10-21A)>83%
Internal Resistance: 33m?

Tiger U7 Motor 420KV


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