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FLIR Delta Episode 9 - Roof Inspection with Thermal Drones

Recently Quadrocopter had the chance to test out the DJI Matrice 300RTK paired with a Zenmuse H20T 4-in-1 camera. For this mission the focus was on the thermal camera images. The goal was to scan a rooftop of a wood kiln to check for heat escaping. Let's go over the workflow from mission planning to image analysis to see what the H20T can do. 

The mission planning was very easy, although sometimes working with the small screen of the DJI smart controller can be a bit tedious. The DJI Pilot app also supports .KML imports if you want to define your mission plan on Google Earth rather than the smart RC. Once the area was defined we select the H20T IR as our camera, the pilot app auto tuned the mission settings to provide a high level of overlap and a slow flight speed.

Flying the mission was very easy, the Matrice 300 makes the entire process user friendly. With obstacle avoidance sensors all around and a solid video downlink the drone feels in control and stable throughout the flight. Once the mission was complete we moved on to getting the images into DJI Thermal Analysis Tool. The software seems to work best when you create a folder with just the thermal images in it. From there you can click the preview icon and import them into the software.

Once the images are imported you will see your folder within DJI Thermal Analysis. Click the folder to preview all of the images within. 

Getting used to all of the icons within the software took a bit of time, hover your mouse over each icon to get more info. For these images we found using the White Hot w/ Red color scheme to work best. The resolution of the images was more than enough to identify areas of concern. DJI Thermal Analysis Tool provides plenty of measurement tools that can provide you with a high, low, and average temperature reading. The DJI software also gives you full control over emissivity settings along with other thermography specific tools. Once your work is complete it has a handy reporting tool for exporting the results. 

Using thermal imaging will allow the client to visualize their building in a whole new way and get a better idea of where the structure may be failing. Below are some images showing some areas of concern where heat is escaping. 


Below are some of the specifications of the Zenmuse H20T Thermal Sensor. Aside from the thermal sensor this payload is also equipped with a 20megapixel-23x optical zoom sensor, a 12 megapixel wide angle camera, and a laser range finder to assist with smart tracking and other sensor features. The H20T has a IP44 weather resistance rating so a little moisture won't slow you down.

If you want to talk more about these results or check out some full resolution sample images contact us here. In short the Matrice 300+H20T provides a user friendly, easy solution to get a thermal eye in the sky. From public safety to building inspections this setup is the go-to choice for industry professionals. 

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