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Overview of the Amendment:
  • FAA Authorized 1,342 UAS "Drones" under this new amendment. You roughly now have all drones under 55 lbs to be used under your section 333. 
  • Closed Set Filming and Television Production was added with notice to the local FSDO.
  • Removed the 5 mile distance limitation from airports and replaced with Class airspace B, C and D with a new or amended COA, basically bringing it closer to conforming with the new Part 107 rules.
  • Combined virtually all purposes to be unilaterally defined as "conducting UAS operations".
  • Operations Manual required for UAS Operations closer that 500' to participating persons. 
  • Modified aircraft, training, tethered operations, aircraft registration, and flight operations near persons, vessels, vehicles, and structures.

Gowdy Brothers Recommendations:

Controlled Airspace: If you need to fly near an airport that is in Class B, C, D (or E - to the surface) airspace, in most cases, it will be easier to just apply for a Part 107.41 Authorization/Waiver to Operate in Certain Airspace - Contact: Gowdy Brothers at Part 107.41 Authorization/Waiver Assistance or for consulting assistance and examples to file the Part 107 Waiver and the required Performance based Standards, Manual and Appendixes.

UAS Operations Manual: Always carry with you and follow your UAS Operations Manual. Gowdy Brothers has released our newest version 4.0 and it is free to all existing Gowdy Brothers Customers please send a request to GBA UAS Operations Manual Ver. 4.0 for the most recent version for you to use as a "Working Document".

Section 333 verses Part 107: As a holder of both a Section 333 Exemption and a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate (if you have one) you are allowed to fly under one or the other, but not both, you must decide at the time of the UAS flight, which rules you will be operating under, no mix and matching of the rules.

Do you have a need for any of these activities?

  • Operating at night 
  • Operating in Controlled Airspace B, C, D and E
  • Operating over People
  • Operating from a Moving Vehicle
  • Operating Beyond Visual Line of Sight
  • Operating Multiple UAS at once

Important: These activities are NOT permitted under Section 333 or under Part 107, unless you have been given a Part 107 Waiver for these waiver-able activities. Gowdy Brothers can consult and assist with the submitting of these Part 107 Waivers, individually written, FAA required Performance based Standards. Contact us here for Part 107 Waiver Assistance.

Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate: For those who do not have a FAA Licensed Sport Pilot or better on your staff, then the next best thing is to have all your company UAS operators take and pass the Remote Pilot Knowledge Test.

Gowdy Brothers is running a Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Training Workshop promotion "Two for the Cost of One" Special till Dec 27th to train at the GBA Interactive Webinar Workshop - two students for one low price of $350 with a guarantee the Student(s) will pass on the first attempt. Contact us here for more information and the guarantee on the Interactive Workshop.

Make money in the UAS industry:
Gowdy Brothers is teaming up with some of the most prestigious firms the UAS industry to put on a Webinar to discuss ways to make "Real Money" in the UAS industry. If you want to be notified when this Webinar will take place please notify us here.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you need assistance with these Part 107 Waiver-able activities.

Please download and electronically keep this new amendment with you and all other FAA  documents when using your UAS under the Section 333 rules for commercial purposes.
Click here to see the Nov 14th FAA Decision/Amendment

Gowdy Brothers Aerospace maintains our position as one of the largest UAS Consulting firm in the nation, measured by customer count, with clients from every state in the nation and five foreign countries. Gowdy Brothers is working harder each day to become the Premier provider of UAS Educational Resources in the nation with over 700 students taking part in our Part 107 Learning Center and Interactive Workshops.

Gowdy Brothers are FAA certificated pilots and businessman, we are not attorneys and we are not offering legal advice please seek the advice of a licensed legal professional when seeking legal advice.

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