Scherrer TSRLS RX700 + PSU
Scherrer TSRLS RX700 + PSU

Scherrer TSRLS RX700 + PSU

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Rx700LR+PSU has much higher immune PSU for big/digital servos that draws a lot of power, if not the receiver may restart during power peak the servos.

•Updated diversity system
•Updated RSSI system
•External firmware upgrade port
•Completely new software
•Selectable PPM/PWM (S-Bus planned to come soon) upon boot

It has also sequential fail safe, that lets you store a fail-safe pattern of 3 interactions when it hits fail safe. Through the firmware port you can access TSLRS debug tools for viewing amounts of fail-safes, blocked channels, diversity performance and much more (TSLRS USB programer needed).

Scope of Delivery:
•RX700 LR boosted
•Deluxe gift-box for high level of protection
•2 antennas

•World Record long range!
•12 servo channels
•Switchable output PWM or PPM
•Rssi output 0.5 to 3.3V from min to mix
•Supply voltage 4-6 Volts
•Supply current RX alone 134mA at 5V
•Wide user temperature range -40C to +70C ambient
•Optimized input filter so it can co-exist with strong 2.4Ghz on board video transmitters.
•Diversity dual antenna system auto change over prevents nulling or drop outs.
•Uses 433 to 440 MHz ISM licence free band

User Manual

Scherrer TSRLS RX700 + PSU


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