Quantix Drone Enterprise Bundle
Quantix Drone Enterprise Bundle

Quantix Drone Enterprise Bundle

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Quantix Battery Charger [+$40.00]
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Quantix Smart Battery [+$395.00]
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Quantix Drone Enterprise Bundle

The Quantix Enterprise Bundle provides a lower cost of entry, and a pay as you fly expense flexibility with affordable per-acre image processing fee, and no monthly subscription fee.

Key Features

• Fully automated takeoff, flight and landing

• Surveys up to 400 acres per 45-minute flight

• Built-in dual 18MP Cameras, Solar Sensor

• Quick-Look maps allow instant field assessment

• Integrates seamlessly with AV DSS Analytics Software

Key Benefits

• Improve scouting efficiency and accuracy

• Assess the effectiveness of your growing processes

• Gain a scientific/objective view of your field

• Better enablement of ground truthing

Quantix™ is an innovative drone featuring a powerfully simple, automated flight and a unique, hybrid design that allows the aircraft to launch vertically and transition to horizontal flight; maximizing aerodynamic efficiency and range. With the simple touch of a button, Quantix initiates a fully-automated takeoff, flight and landing, eliminating the learning curve so even first-time users can successfully operate the drone safely to collect meaningful data.

With Quantix, you can now survey your entire farm more efficiently and accurately, on your schedule, to easily spot crop health issues that might be missed by the naked eye. Within a single flight, its integrated cameras capture both  highresolution color and multispectral imagery. On-board processing delivers composite true color and NDVI maps as soon as the drone lands using Quick- Look™. This allows for quick assessment while you’re still in the field to catch potential issues before they start impacting yield.

AV DSS Subscription Plan:
Image Processing - Price per acre $0.50
AV DSS subscription - with access to a full suite of data analytics
Per Client per Month Fee - $10
Access to Client Management & Publishing tool 
Unlimted Data Storage
AV DSS Mobile App (downloadable to your mobile device)
Quantix is currently designed for operation and support in the United States. More countries to be supported soon.

Scout Faster and Farther with Ease

Innovative Hybrid Design
• Takes-off and lands like a multirotor
• Range, reliability and efficiency of a fixed-wing aircraft
• Allows for a safe launch and soft landing, protecting valuable cameras

One Touch Planning & Launch
• Easy flight planning & preflight checklist process
• Automatically performs aircraft health status
• Fully automated flight control & data collect

• Flies up to 400 acres per 45 minute flight*
• Cruising speed of 40 mph
• FAA compliant: flies at less than 400 ft AGL

Durability and Safety
• Rugged and durable technology, proven reliable in harsh conditions
• Features “Emergency Stop”, “Return & Land” and “Land Now”
• Geo-fencing keep in *under ideal conditions control zones

Built to Work Better Together—Quantix & AV DSS

For more detailed analysis, the data collected by Quantix seamlessly integrates with the AeroVironment Decision Support System™ ( AV D SS). A V D SS a utomatically performs advanced image processing, analytics, and comparative and historical reporting, providing actionable intelligence so you can make smarter, quicker decisions.

AV is delivering the complete end-to-end ecosystem—hardware and software from the same company, eliminating compatibility concerns. Quantix and AV DSS are optimized to deliver actionable crop health insights to improve farming efficiencies and profitability for seasons to come.

Quantix Drone Enterprise Bundle


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