Professional Drone Services

Drone Training & Drone Filming with Quadrocopter Professional Drone Services

With over 15 years of experience flying remote controlled aerial platforms, Quadrocopter offers professional aerial cinematography and training packages. Whether you need help or advice shooting on your first job, or you need to be sure you will capture smooth breath taking aerial footage, our professional team will teach you what is involved to capturing the shots.

With years of experience traveling and filming in all types of environments, our Quadrocopter film crew will travel and work with you. Providing a first hand look into safety, copter and gimbal setup, camera integration, video down link setup, copter flight paths, camera operator and pilot communications, you will be trained and supported by our team.

Professional Drone Filming Services

We build, fly, test our systems in all types of weather conditions. Wind, rain or snow, you have to be prepared to get the shot that the client needs. Having our team film or train with you in the field adds piece of mind that you will deliver the shots that are requested.

Business Training - Quadrocopter's Professional Services Team will send a professional to your business and train your team to safely pilot a UAV. Starting with ground support and safety checklists, transitioning into hands on flying, our team provides a complete package to make your UAV program successful.

The Drone industry is ever changing, our team keeps update to date on the FAA regulations and offers support in testing for you 107 Remote Pilot Certification.

View a sample of our work: Aerial filming Quadrocopter Drone Tactical Command Vehicle. Click Here for More Info

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