Okto XL Combi V3.0
Okto XL ESC - BL3.0

Okto XL Combi V3.0

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8 ESCs on one board. Extremely fast brushless controller version V3 for our MikroKopter. The board is tested and programmed including bootloader.

IMPORTANT: Use Flight Ctrl Firmware V2.02 or greater. Firmware Download »
The BL-Ctrl 3.0 controller is specifically designed and optimized for the MK-3644 motors. For maximum stability of the MikroKopter set points are set almost instantaneously on the motor. If other motors (especially larger power classes) are used with this controller, this fast change of set points can easily lead to very high peak currents, which bring the BL-Ctrl control to the limit or an overload. This is no fault of BL-Ctrl3.0 controller, but a systemic property. Please consider carefully whether a different motor is suitable.
A Molex-cable can be purchased to connect the FlightControl easily.


  • Voltage: 10 to 30V -> 3 -7S lipo
  • 6 -layer PCB for optimal heat dissipation. 70u copper layers make the entire circuit board to the heat sink
  • Current: up to 30A (per unit) and 120A (total) with appropriate cooling
  • Current limiting and temperature limiting
  • Active freewheeling -> less power loss

Fast Response with Speed Control:

  • Rapid acceleration and braking of the propeller. Active and seamless braking gives the speed precisely and quickly on the new set point.
  • Return energy to the lipo when braking. Seamless transition from acceleration to braking
  • Significantly faster control with speed control.
  • MikroKopter- BLDC V3.0 Speed Control Video »

Other Features:

  • Integrated 12V voltage regulator for external LED-Supply
  • Switchable LED output -> LEDs can flash in case of under voltage
  • Adjustable motor timing in several steps of 13-28° - compatible with the most common BL motors
  • Adjustable switching frequency (10kHz - 20kHz)
  • PPM to 500 Hz with simultaneous I2C - bus operation for telemetry and data logging
  • Integrated 12V stabilization for LED lighting and other 12V appliances
  • Switchable outputs for lighting -> ZB The blinking lights at low voltage
  • Software adjustable direction of rotation
  • Adjustable current and temperature limits
  • Adjustable start-PWM
  • Silent Start: test tone at start up can be disabled


  • Various interfaces for set point input (I2C, PPM (500Hz), serial)
  • Integrated current measurement measurement of the actual current and the used capacity on the MikroKopter control
  • Voltage and temperature measurement with data transmission to the ground station and data logging
  • 11-bit resolution (2048 steps)
  • Various feedback to the MikroKopter Flight-Ctrl (blocked motor, power limiting, etc.)
  • Extended configuration options (e.g., current limit, temperature limit)
  • Two LEDs (ok and error)
  • All BLCs are already addressed (address 1-8)
  • I2C bus access possible in PPM mode for data logging and telemetry in PPM mode
  • Status messages are transmitted to the FC (engine blocks, current, self-test error)
  • Current measurement up to 75A per controller
  • Convenient configuration of the BL controller via FC

Mechanical Data:

Hole: 3mm
Weight: ca. 119g

Scope of Delivery:

SMD pre-assembled, programmed, and tested board with 8 ESCs
Lipo Power cable with Dean connector installed
1-line cable for LED output control


Okto XL Combi V3.0


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