MK3638 RC Multi-Rotor Heavy Lift Motor
Motor MK 3638

MK3638 RC Multi-Rotor Heavy Lift Motor

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This is a 14pol Brushless Outrunner High Torque for Direct Drive

This (specially designed for the MikroKopter) black anodized engine has extra-long cables, short shaft (ideal for coaxial arrangement). 
A propeller mount (5mm) is included. 

Technical Data
• Lithium cell count: 3-6
• Load current: max. 20A
• Maximum load current. (60 sec): 25 A
• No-load speed: 770 rpm / V
• Recommended Propeller Size: 10" .. 14"
• Mechanical power: 350 W
• Thrust max.: 2200 g
• Wire length: about 52 cm
• Total weight (without cable): approx 100g
• Dimensions: h=35mm, d=38mm
• Shaft diameter: 4 mm

• 1 Motor
• Accessories: propeller mount 6mm and attaching material

More information in the wiki

MK3638 RC Multi-Rotor Heavy Lift Motor


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