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The Best Got BETTER

The most advanced camera movement system ever created.

Hot Swap Batteries

MoVI Pro is designed from the ground up to minimize downtime on set. Hot swappable intelligent batteries power the MoVI Pro, camera, and all accessories to keep you shooting all day long... with only one type of batteries to charge.

Power Camera and Accessories

MoVI Pro represents a new era of simplification. The two 25.2 volt MoVI Pro batteries provide power for the MoVI as well as the following accessory power ports:

Camera D-Tap Port 12-15V Adjustable, 6A Max Current
Spine D-Tap 12V, 2A
Tilt D-Tap 12V, 2A
Tilt USB 5V, 1A
Intelligent Batteries

MoVI Pro Batteries strike just the right balance between size, performance, and usability. They give users instant status information via an integrated 'fuel gauge' and feature a host of battery management and protections built into the pack. We include 2 batteries and 2 chargers with every MoVI Pro to keep you shooting.

Screen/Power Indicator

MoVI Pro features an integrated screen on the back of the MoVI Pro, giving users quick access to vital information and the ability to tune/adjust parameters on the fly without needing to use a phone or computer.

Power and Control

With twice the torque of the first generation MoVI motors and high resolution encoders, MoVI Pro’s custom designed direct drive brushless motors are up for any challenge.

180 Degree Roll

MoVI Pro can flip from upright to inverted mode with a quick 180 degree roll. Change from Handheld to TERO in seconds.

Toad In The Hole

Our versatile Toad in the Hole quick release system has become an industry favorite. One that allows users to quickly shoot on the ground, sky, and all points in between.


MoVI Pro is a lightweight, portable system that is the heart of a filmmaking ecosystem. The MoVI Pro family is adaptable, expandable, and flexible enough to allow users to create production quality content quickly, easily, and repeatedly.


Freefly has tightly integrated the MoVI Pro with RED cameras to allow users to access RED camera controls from hundreds of feet away using either the MoVI Controller or the new MIMIC controller.


Freefly launched our MIMIC Beta at NAB in 2015, and the industry was amazed by the precise and natural control the technology offered users. MIMIC is at the heart of MoVI Pro and allows users long range bidirectional control of MoVI pointing, settings, camera controls, and real time telemetry.

Tilt Stage Unit

MoVI Pro features the world's smallest fully integrated 3-axis lens control system built into the camera stage. Control all 3 channels with either the MoVI Controller, MIMIC, or a combination of the two.

MoVI Pro App

Tune and customize your MoVI Pro realtime using the MoVI Pro App. Available for iPhone and Android.


High performance processors and tuning algorithms allow the MoVI Pro to achieve optimal filter and stiffness tuning in ~3 seconds per axis with no user intervention. MoVI Pro keeps filmmakers focused on executing stunning shots, not gimbal setup.

Internal Wiring

MoVI Pro features internal wiring to prevent damage/snags during usage. Additionally, we have strain relieved and enclosed all connections to ensure maximum reliability in a variety of weather conditions.

Boot Time

Seconds count on set, and the MoVI Pro helps you maximize your shooting time with a ~2 second boot time.

Stability Improvements

Freefly invented the handheld stabilizer, and we have honed our skills even further in creating the MoVI Pro. It features high quality sensors with precise calibration to enable the most demanding of shots (60dB at 1Hz disturbance rejection).

Built-In Stand

We know the stress modern day productions put on crews to deliver top quality content more quickly than ever before. MoVI Ring Pro features a built-in stand that allows the operator to quickly set the system down almost anywhere. This reduces operator fatigue and keeps you fresh.

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