GREMSY S1 Camera Gimbal
GREMSY S1 Camera Gimbal

GREMSY S1 Camera Gimbal

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Gremsy S1 Camera Gimbal

S1 is the upgraded version of Gremsy T1 with many added features built specifically for inspection. Having HDMI , SMA port built in and one arm design allows camera set up a lot easier. Moreover its compact and ultra lightweight translate to longer flight time thus making it one highly demanded gimbal for industrial experts.

Gremsy's first single-arm product which supports a variety of cameras and drones. The S1 can carry up to a Sony A5000 or A6000 series and is specifically built full support of the Flir Duo Pro R. 

 The Gremsy S1 utilizes an innovative structure that separates power supply into two parts, one for the gimbal and other for accessories.

 The S1 also has HDMI and an expansive 9 pin AUX port for camera functions. Combined with CanLink technology that allows live view on DJI GO App. The S1 makes it easy to control all camera and drone functions right from one controller.

In addition, the S1 also integrates an SMA port on the gimbal allowing GPS antenna integration for some special cameras (Dual Pro R, for example), and built-in Bluetooth to configure the gimbal easily.

The Gremsy S1 is a comprehensive solution for reliable mapping applications specialized for a single operator. Smart mapping mode allows the user to define the home position will be aligned with the nose  of the aircraft and tilted down 90 degrees. 

The Future of Aerial Inspection is Here!

When ordering the bundle it supports you in installing Flir Duo Pro R on Gremsy S1, beneath the drone system and connects easily to:

  • PWM1, PWM2, PWM3 Remote Control
  • Power in 12VDC
  • Analog Video Output
The bundle includes:

  • S1-Mini Damping Board
  • S1- SMA Cable
  • S1- UBEC - A switching power supply that has dual outputs (12V-5A, 5V-1A)
  • S1- Power Cable for M600 

*Please note that if you may need the S1 - Power Cable for M600 in case using with M600 frame.

GREMSY S1 Camera Gimbal


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