Freefly MoVI Repair / Emergency Kit
MōVI Repair & Emergency Kit

Freefly MoVI Repair / Emergency Kit

Part Number:910-00007
Price: $134.99
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This kit is designed to provide an assortment of items that are useful in repairing and maintaining your MoVI in the field. It includes an assortment of hardware, fasteners, and wiring to allow for light field repair and maintenance.

Scope of Delivery:

10x - 150mm Zip-tie
10x - 100mm Zip-tie
10x - 70mm Zip-tie
1x - Puck Wire
2x - Assembly 4 Pin ZH Flipped 100mm
1x - Bolt ¼-20 x ½" FHCS
1x - Bolt ¼-20 x ?" FHCS
4x - ¼ Aluminum Spacers
1x - Accessory Mount
4x - Small O-rings
2x - Plastic Toggle Lever
2x - Aluminum Lever hinge
6x - Double Stick Mounting Tape
8x - M3x45 Socket Head Screws
8x - M3x40 Socket Head Screws
8x - M3x37 Socket Head Screws
8x - M3x8 Socket Head Screws
10x - M3x8 Button Head Screws
3x - M4x10 Button Head Screws
3x - M4 Washer
10x - Press Nuts

Freefly MoVI Repair / Emergency Kit


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