FreeFly MoVI AUX Pack (Pair)
FreeFly MoVI AUX Pack (Pair)

FreeFly MoVI AUX Pack (Pair)

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Freefly MoVI M10/M15 battery is a high energy density lithium polymer battery pack sized for the MoVI M10 and M15.  Each battery will run the MoVI for 2-5 hours depending on the particular setup.  The battery can be charged using the Freefly charger included with the MoVI package.  

NOTE: As the battery is built to be as lightweight as possible, it does not have built in safety circuitry and users must be careful to observe correct handling procedures.  

Technical Specs:

Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Capacity: 2.1Ah
Voltage: 14.8v
Max Continuous Discharge: 3C (7.8A)
Max Burst Discharge: 5C (13A)
Max Charge Voltage: 4.2V per cell
Minimum Discharge Voltage: 3.0V per cell
Dimensions: [100mm (L) x 25mm (W) x 30mm (H)]
Weight: 200g

FreeFly MoVI AUX Pack (Pair)


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