FreeFly ALTA 8 Pro
FreeFly ALTA 8 Pro

FreeFly ALTA 8 Pro

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Price: $15,995.00
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Freefly Systems Alta 8 PRO

The ALTA now supports waypoint technology for autonomous and repeatable flights.

Utilizing a Pixhawk flight controller, the ALTA can now find it's place for mapping and inspection missions for many industries. 

Introducing the ALTA Pro Line of Multirotor Drones

The Freefly ALTA set the bar as the world's most capable and dependable cinema drone. It’s blend of extreme performance and ease of use made it the cinema industry’s go-to workhorse.

ALTA Pro is the next generation in the ALTA lineup. We’ve added waypoint technology to allow preprogrammed movements and autopilot functionality. Alta Pro features a more powerful flight controller running the renowned, capable, and open PX4 flight stack. This gives users the ability to fly complex autonomous waypoint missions using Qgroundcontrol, or control the ALTA directly using Dronecode SDK or Mavlink.

ALTA Pro is designed and manufactured at Freefly headquarters in Woodinville, WA and our engineering and support team is available to ensure your success.


• Qgroundcontol mission planner with included long range 900mhz telemetry radio

• Advanced, high-bandwidth position hold offering unprecedented precision, repeatability, and stability

• Lift a 20lb payload for 12 to 15 minutes

• Silent drive technology; low noise and precise, efficient, closed loop control of the propeller

• Carbon fiber 18-inch folding props

• Proven CineStar/ALTA performance, reliability, and robustness

• User-definable LED lights for max pilot visibility and control

• High-speed data logging

• Optimized, lightweight motors

• Incredible efficiency (Watt/Gram)

• Pixhawk-based mission autopilot


• Integrates with wide variety of drone software via Mavlink protocol

• Flexible ground control module compatible with Mac, PC, Android, iOS

• WiFi connectivity for short range mission planning via tablet or phone

• Open source communications protocol (Mavlink) with existing community support

• Full power of PX4 flight controller architecture: Alta has all the features of a modern drone: waypoints, autonomy, telemetry/C2, autoland, etc.

• Folding booms; folds flat with no tools

• Integrated gimbal with payload quick release on top and bottom of aircraft

• Toolless conversion between top and bottom mounted payload

• Packs in custom Pelican (included) and goes from case to flying in under 2 minutes

• Integrated handle for easy ground handling, hiking, and transporting

• Custom backpack for backcountry use available

• Pre-programmed and flight tested

• Compatible with Futaba, Graupner, Spektrum radios

  • Dual Flight Packs
  • Extensive data logging and review utilities to ensure system performance over time
  • Redundant motor control signals
  • Auto RTH / Land
  • Integrated and customizable LEDs for orientation
  • Sensors alert pilot to mechanical issues with machine (prop balance, motor damage, etc)
  • Critical electrical components mounted weather resistant shell
  • All PCBs conformal coated for max durability and weather resistance

ALTA 8 Pro VS ALTA 6 Pro

With the addition of 2 extra motors on the Freefly Alta 8 Pro, this Octocopter will lift up to 20 pounds of payload VS 15 pounds from the Freefly Alta 6 Pro. Additional stability of flight, power and increased payload are some of the benefits of the ALTA 8.

Top 5 Reasons to purchase the Freefly ALTA 8 Pro from Quadrocopter:

1. Experienced and knowledgeable Tech Staff to support you, the end user. With the new addition of a PX4 flight controller, let us help you understand the new possibilities with ALTA Pro

2. Quadrocopter is here to support you every day.  Our Support and Sales Team can be contacted through our phone, e-mail, on line chat and Skype.  We pride ourselves on prompt customer contact.   

3. Customization, we cater the ALTA assembly to your specific applications and Camera packages.

4. Extensive parts and accessory list available to make sure you have all of the equipment not commonly found in camera stores or at other ALTA retailers.

5. Stock availability and worldwide shipping.   We can help you succeed by getting you what you need, whether it’s shipping spare parts, additional batteries, or a complete system with Expedited Service, so you never miss a job!

The Freefly ALTA 8 Pro unpacks, ready to shoot, in under five minutes. It is easy to fly, powerful, rigid, adaptable, reliable, and optimized for up to twenty-pound payloads. Confidently fly RED, ARRI and other professional cameras, guided by the state-of-the-art Synapse Flight Controller. Capture aerials like never before with the option to mount the MoVI on top.

Now with the ability to program autonomous and repeatable flights, the ALTA will fit right in for your inspection and mapping needs. 

Key Features of the Freefly Alta 8 Pro

  • Quick release booms and 18x6 folding carbon fiber props allows ALTA to pack down in under five minutes for easy transport.
  • Quick release Toad in the Hole system dramatically increases the speed and flexibility on set.
  • Weather Resistant featuring a lightweight molded plastic enclosure to cover the flight control and power distribution board, protecting them from the elements.
  • Silent-Drive ESC and Direct Drive 3-Phase motors provide maximum power and flight efficiency for payloads up to 20 pounds.
  • Dual camera mounting options combine with payload specific vibration isolation systems for professional results in top mount and underslung configurations.
  • User-defined outboard LED orientation and accessory lighting on-the-fly via iOS/Android ALTA application.
  • On-board support for industry standard First-Person View (FPV) and Radio Tx/Rx Systems.
  • The ALTA 8 provides two fully enclosed receiver mounting bays to keep these sensitive components protected and dry.
  • Wireless connectivity via installed WiFi transceiver.

The ALTA 8 Pro is a Ready-to-Fly system that includes:

  • ALTA 8 Pro Multi-rotor Drone
  • Quick Release Top Handle
  • Inverted Landing Gear for Top Mounting (not shown)

The Freefly ALTA 8 Pro comes fully assembled and includes all the necessary tools and accessories you will need to mount a MoVI and get it flying. The standard ALTA drone ships with a Quick Release Top Handle, Inverted Landing Gear, FPV mount plate, cables to connect your personal receivers and/or FPV system, and mechanical tools to disassemble & inspect your ALTA 8 UAV.

Not Included: The standard ALTA 8 drone configuration does not include a MoVI, batteries, a transmitter, receivers, the Aero Landing Gear (lower landing gear for flying a MoVI in the bottom mount configuration, pictured), or an FPV system.

FreeFly ALTA 8 Pro


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