EV Peak U4 Enterprise Drone Charger

EV Peak U4 Enterprise Drone Charger

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EV Peak U4 Enterprise Drone Charger

Power your Alta X with the batteries we use, that fit perfectly! Recharge rapidly using an XT-90-capable LiPo battery charger, Each Alta X flight requires two 12S batteries, so you'll need a charger that can charge two at a time.

This battery charger is a dual output balancing charger with an integrated power supply. It can charge two Alta X Flight Packs at once at a max rate of 800W per channel, in less than an hour. 

We include all necessary cabling and accessories to allow users to charge two Alta X Flight Packs at once. 


  • Dual Charging
  • Integrated power supply
  • Cell balancing
  • Storage charge/discharge mode
  • Adjustable charge rate
  • Automatic voltage switching (110V-240V)

EV Peak U4 Enterprise Drone Charger


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