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Drones, and data, and mapping, Oh my

Welcome to eSpective

A data management solution for the modern day work flow.

 We listen to real world feedback and come up with industry proven solutions.

As a leader in the UAV  industry, we are always creating new offerings for our clients. Throughout the past year or so, we have seen a huge shift in UAV operations. Pilots are now flying drones for construction site progress mapping, thermal inspections, agricultural field work, and infrastructure monitoring. With all of this data being collected, pilots are having trouble managing it. Listening to this issue we knew a software solution was needed, we call this solution eSpective. 

Data Management

So what is eSpective all about ?


With state of the art imaging equipment you can gather high quality imagery to be processed. Don't want to fly a drone or handle processing ? We have well trained geospatial professionals and licensed part 107 pilots to provide quality data collection. Capturing the necessary images right the first time reduces cost and any workflow disruptions.


We used advanced methods in image post-processing for accurate, high-resolution, data product generation. With many years of experience we have developed techniques for success. A true hands on process will guarantee the results you want.


Projects are finalized and delivered through our information portal for easy access. Once logged in you can view, analyze, download, and manage your content. You can release specific parts of the job to your client to show off progress and provide necessary data.


This software is an industry solution that can provide quick, easy, and robust analytics. Packed with tools for volumetric measurements, area calculations, profile terrain model, and more.


A user-friendly interface delivers interactive media, orthomosaic images, 3D point cloud visualization, and more. With built in reporting functions you can streamline your organizational process. Use your data to hold subcontractors responsible, make critical decisions, and reference past projects for future plans.

3D Mapping with Drone

Would your project benefit from weekly inspection and real time monitoring?

Do you have multiple project sites to track and manage, or perhaps a client who wants weekly updates on your build? With our eSpective data management software, you can directly manage and deliver critical information.
Whether it be for insurance purposes, asset management, or simply a way to keep up with the site’s progress, we have the solution. Keeping track of everything that is happening on a job site is a huge challenge. Now you can collect, view, and store data, then refer back to information for planning future builds. With subcontractors on-site, material drop-offs, and the normal workings of a build, your construction site never sleeps.

3D Drone Model

Is security a concern for your job site ?

The need for monitoring doesn’t stop when the site closes for the night. Often job sites are being watched by people intending to tamper with and steal your equipment. If thievery is an issue, it can soon become a problem of the past. Keep your site secure with a monitoring solution.

With advances in technology we have the ability to create a full visual perimeter around a site. With built in alarms, a 24-7 monitoring team, and night vision capabilities, the idea of breaking into your secured site is not an option. 

Data Management and Security

Let us set you up for success with a powerful tool like eSpective,
paired with a Quadrocopter Solution 

Want to learn more ? 

Quadrocopter has a team of experienced pilots and UAV enthusiasts on staff. We are happy to talk about any ideas you may have and can work with you to tailor a Quadrocopter Solution. Reach out to us today to learn more. 

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