DJI M200 V2 Thermal Inspection Drone Bundle

DJI M200 V2 Thermal Inspection Drone Bundle

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DJI Zenmuse Z30 (Call 4 Pricing)

DJI Matrice 200 V2 Thermal Inspection Drone

The DJI thermal inspection bundle was created to assist in inspections. Whether you are monitoring solar panels, or performing roofing inspections the M200 thermal inspection bundle has you covered.
This bundle includes

(1) DJI Matrice 200 Drone - See "In The Box" To See More
(6) Additional TB55 High Capacity Batteries
(1) DJI Zenmuse XT or XT2 - 336x256 Resolution, 30Hz with a 13mm lens. 
(1) DJI Cendence-S Camera Operator Controller 
(1) DJI CrystalSky Monitor - 7.85" High Brightness
(1) Go Professional Case for DJI M200
(1) 5 Foot Landing Pad

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DJI Matrice 200 Industrial Application Drone

The M200 Series’ folding body is easy to carry and to set up, with a specially designed travelling case that can carry all necessary parts you need to finish each mission. With a weather- and water-resistant body, rated at IP43, this platform is ideal for field operations. The dual batteries, using either TB50 or TB55 batteries, can reach a maximum flight time of 38 minutes (TB55, no payload). The drone is compatible with 5 payloads: X4S, X5S, XT, XT2,Z30.

The M200 drone is the first DJI drone with the DJI AirSense system, enhancing airspace safety. The DJI AirSense system includes a built-in ADS-B receiver which provides the operator with real-time information about nearby manned aircraft equipped with ADS-B transmitters. AirSense enables safer and more efficient use of airspace, particularly in locations where other manned aircraft may be operating.

DJI Matrice 200 Party

Matrice 200 Gimbal and Payload Options

Intelligent Flight Features

The M200 Series drones utilize computer vision for intelligent flight modes to help more efficiently collect data. These features are available for multiple DJI sensors, enabling advanced shots such as zooming while tracking an object:

  • Spotlight – to lock the camera onto a subject during flight while the aircraft moves freely
  • Point of Interest – to circle around an object for a smooth orbit
  • Tripod – to fine-tune position and angle for position framing and safe navigation in narrow environments
  • ActiveTrack – to follow a person or object while keeping it in frame
These modes are enabled by two front visual sensors, an ultrasonic and visual downward positioning system, and an upper infrared sensor.

Use Cases

The M200 series is designed for professionals using drones for more precise, efficient and safe aerial data collection. Examples of industry applications include:

  • Critical Infrastructure Inspections – work near power lines, telecommunications towers and bridges puts inspectors at risk of falls and electric shock. DJI’s M200 improves safety as work can be done from a distance. Extensive power line networks can be visualized with unparalleled detail and vertical infrastructure can be inspected from all angles with the stable and weather-resistant M200 platform.
  • Energy Facility Inspections – maintenance planning can be costly to ensure high public safety standards. The M200 can identify millimeter-sized faults in buildings, roads and bridges in real time, making those operations more efficient and effective.DJI Matrice 200 Assembly

DJI Pilot & D JI FlightHub

The DJI Pilot app is compatible with DJI FlightHub™, a web-based software package allowing teams to share real-time data with offsite parties over the Internet. This includes remote emergency situation control rooms keeping track of first response teams or asset management centers inspecting global infrastructure networks.
In an easy-to-use control center, DJI FlightHub lets users plan flights with multiple drones and keep track of each aircraft’s status. An offsite control room can simultaneously monitor live feeds and can remotely control gimbal and camera. The software enables managers to plan flights in advance using waypoints and dynamic geofencing. This software is open to accept customize design .

DJI Pilot App

DJI FlightHub

DJI M200 V2 Thermal Inspection Drone Bundle


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