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DJI introduces a secure and reliable solution for government agencies who want to advance their drone program. 
A government edition drone does not require activation with DJI. The drone will come with a customized firmware version, that will not automatically update. A custom Pilot app is also being used which permanently enables local data mode. This feature ensures data security to prevent any connection from the app to DJI servers.  This allows agencies to tell their clients that all of the data being collected is secure. 

Given these new advances, it is now possible for government and enterprise operations to take advantage of drone technology. 


Security & Autonomy

Serve your community with industry-leading drone technology that offers secure and accessible solutions


Improved Efficiency

Save time and optimize resources by leveraging aerial intelligence to improve traditional workflows.


Enhanced Safety

Expand your team’s capabilities with aerial robotic tools that help mitigate hazards and risk during critical operations. 

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